Available for Adoption

Looking for Love!

While some animals come to the Sanctuary for the rest of their lives, others would be happy to find new homes with loving families all to themselves. If you are interested in any of the animals below, please contact us for more information about them and the adoption process.


Damn it. Just when I think I’ve heard it all. Some people moved, took their hens, and left their rooster behind… locked in a small cage! Not even left to fend for himself in the open, but confined in a tiny cage where he’d slowly starve to death. Unbelievable, and so cruel. Thank goodness after a number of days a neighbour heard him and investigated the empty property. He was starving and dehydrated. She moved him into a larger cage, and then called for help. (Thank you, Lynne) I know it’s practically impossible to find safe rooster homes…. but if you could, he’ll keep your hens organised, protect from hawks, and be beautiful to look at. He’s a friendly guy, currently in Albany, but transport is possible. Please contact me asap, Shawn 0274894991 or 094227322 Thanks.


20 energetic students came to the Auckland University Animal Rights Group working bee yesterday. What a hive of activity! Sadly we got rained out at 11:30am, but they sure got a lot done before that. Thanks so much.
To see more photos on our facebook page, click on this link: https://www.facebook.com/The-Animal-Sanctuary-74575466763/


Sadly, domestic violence often affects the animals in the home as well. Many women are afraid to leave their animals behind, which traps them there. A woman called us who had made plans to leave, and had arrangements set for all her animals to go to safe homes when she left. But when the opportunity arose, the person who was taking the poultry had changed their mind. The woman called us in a panic, so we said “OK, bring them here.” The flock consists of 5 hens and 2 roosters (father and son, who get along just fine). We usually have a ‘no rooster rule’, but this was such an emergency we made an exception. We need to rehome them asap. We’d LOVE to see them all stay together, but since it’s so difficult to find safe homes for roosters, we may have to separate them. King and Rex(father and son, Araucanas) could each take a few hens and go to separate homes, or we could rehome the 5 hens together and figure out something different for the boys. Please please please get in touch with me if you can adopt any of these beautiful chickens.
Contact Shawn, 094227322 or 0274894991 or email animalsanctuary@xtra.co.nz

Ex-Battery Hens

The Sanctuary works closely with animal welfare groups to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome battery hens. Hens make wonderful companions as they are low-maintanence, social animals that love to spend time with you and will keep you entertained with their antics. If you live in the Auckland or Rodney areas and would like to adopt some hens, please click here to learn more.