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July 20, 2017

Once the battery hen rescue is finished, the ongoing work begins. There are always some injured hens that need special treatment. Some have broken wings, broken or damaged legs, spinal damage, or a cracked pelvis. Several needed to go into slings. We had a whole bunch of these special needs hens from the last rescue, and they all received Ronni’s tender loving care. Most have healed so well that they’ve now been adopted. These three needed longer care. Ronni is currently working on creating a prosthetic leg for one, and a wheelchair for another. I’ll post more photos as they develop!


July 16, 2017

It’s been a crazily busy few months. We have more animals at the sanctuary than ever before, and have done more rescue and rehoming work than ever before. Whew! I haven’t posted many stories, haven’t thanked people enough, and am ridiculously far behind in admin. I just haven’t had the time. We’ve also dealt with some evil situations that have left me sick at heart and unable to sleep at night.

So today I want to catch up by thanking some fabulous children who have touched our lives in a positive way in the past few months, bringing a smile to our faces and positive energy into the Animal Sanctuary. The 4 stories that follow this post will hopefully make you smile, too!

Tomorrow I’ll start introducing you to many of the new animals here at The Animal Sanctuary. Xoxo



Noah and Caleb came to visit with their parents yesterday. They brought a lovely card with a donation in it. The boys explained that their father gives them $5 pocket money each week, “to learn about money”. They can spend $2, save $2, and $1 goes to a charity of their choice. The boys decided they wanted to donate to The Animal Sanctuary. A great math lesson came out of their visit, as they chose their favourite animals and divided up their donation. Noah and Caleb decided 50% should go to buying feed for the large pig named Lucky; 25% to their favourite duck, Wednesday; and the final 25% to Romeo (because he’d been abused by bad boys. What a wonderful family value to teach their children with! Thanks very much.


13 year old friends Maja and Krista have been amazing Sanctuary Supporters. In March they came up (with adults) to help out for the day, present the funds they’d raised, and talk about their plans to open their own animal sanctuary someday. They have their life goals all planned out, in great detail, and are quite serious about it. They are already thinking about which careers would give them skills to run a sanctuary, and at the same time earn an income to be able afford to do so. Holy Heck, those are pretty impressive plans for 13 year olds! I really admire their commitment, and appreciated their wonderful donation. A few more kids like this, and things will be looking up for the animal rescue scene of the future!


Imagine my surprise when I received this email earlier this year: “Hi there.  My name is Lilly. I am 13 and I go to Titirangi Rudolf Steiner School.  I love animals and I would really like to help raise some money for animals . My mum and I came across your website and I love what you do.  When I grow up I would love to do something like what you do. I had an idea to shave off all my hair to help raise money for animals, and donate to your sanctuary.”  Lilly set a goal to raise $500… and she achieved it!  When most young teens are preoccupied about their appearance, I was deeply touched that Lilly would change hers so drastically to help rescue animals.  What an amazing young woman.  Thank you Lilly, it’s been a great help!!


Well, this story had a lot of adults involved as well children, because it came from Kowhai Kids Educare.  Respect for the environment is a core value at this pre-school, and they wanted to do a project with the children to help our animal sanctuary.  Spearheaded by Lisa Treadwell, Kowhai Kids held a Matakana movie night as a fundraiser for us, along with a fabulous raffle prize.   They put so much work and love into this project, and I’m deeply grateful for their efforts.  They raised $654.70, which was a huge help toward several of the rescues we were working on.  Thank you to the children, parents, and wonderful staff of Kowhai Kids.  We’re extremely grateful for your support!


July 11, 2017

I don’t think we’ve ever had so much rain over such an extended time. Any place where the animals regularly walk, it’s mud. Yuck. So we’ve been building decks for the animals! Local volunteers Dan and Maureen, with help from our wwoof volunteer Josh, made this great deck for one of of the rescued hen areas yesterday.  Who knew such little feet could turn the grassy area between their houses to mush!!


Last week Dan & Maureen made a deck to put by the gate, where the 3 Little Pigs pace at meal time. Fabulous!! These make such a difference. Our next project is to create a raised floor in the sheep barn, asap. It’s usually hard packed earth, but has turned to mush. I first need to find a lot of sturdy pallets to use as the base, so will advertise locally today. Fingers crossed!