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SAY HI TO BILBO, Post Surgery

April 20, 2017

Dr. Shrawan Bhandari did an amazing job. He sent us this video of Bilbo after the surgery. He’s already eating, managing well on 3 legs, even turning and hopping over his lead! Click here to see him doing this in the video:

Bilbo will have 2 days of intensive care at the vet hospital, then go to his wonderful fosterer, Karma. Soooooooo happy!
Bilbo’s vet bill has passed $2000, and it’s not done yet. But we believe he’s worth it, especially after the suffering he’s endured. We’ve set up 2 online fundraisers:
- Bilbo’s $5 Garage Sale on Trade Me
- Bilbo’s Art Auction
I’ll post both of these on The Animal Sanctuary Facebook page, so please have a look!



April 18, 2017

Many of the calls for help we receive are very sad. In this one, a husband had a car accident and was now a tetraplegic. The wife had a stroke and was in hospital. There was no-one to care for the beloved donkeys, and could we help find them a good home? Thankfully, after many hours of phone calls and interviews, we found a great one! Jemima & Sasha went to live with Suzy this weekend. They’ll have a great paddock, and a barn. Donkeys aren’t waterproof, and get soaked to the skin, so a barn is a must. Suzy is experienced, so knows that donkeys need their feet trimmed every 3 or 4 months. She also knows that donkeys can’t have unlimited grass, or they can develop painful (and sometimes fatal) laminitis. So she’ll strip feed them in the paddock, to keep them healthy. I’m so relieved and happy!! Thank you Suzy, for offering these old girls a forever home with lots of love. Unbelievably, in the same week I got another call about another 2 donkeys who are also desperate for a home. See next story in a few minutes…



This lovely couple have just gotten over mild laminitis. That’s a condition caused by too much sweet grass, where the nerve endings inside the hooves swell. It’s very painful. They’re better now, but will need a special home where they’ll be strip fed in future to ensure they don’t have too much grass at once. All donkeys need access to a dry barn, as donkeys don’t have waterproof coats. All donkeys need to have their feet need to be tended to regularly. AND… these donkeys have a pet sheep named Pa, who must go with them. They’re a family. If you’re keen to adopt these gentle souls, please contact me at



April 8, 2017

Yesterday was Eva’s 6th birthday. Because she’s a huge animal lover, Eva decided that she wanted her birthday party to do something good for rescued animals. She asked her party guests to bring something to donate to our animal sanctuary. Eva and her family came to visit us that afternoon, with a treasure trove of goodies for a wide range of animals: cat food, dog biscuits, birdseed, boxes of complan for the tui nectar, bags and bags of carrots, dog toys, blankets, towels, paper towels, etc. And one of her friends plans to donate some timber for a construction project. Wow!! We were delighted with the presents… but even more impressed that a 6 year old would plan such a giving event. Thanks to Eva for her huge heart, and to her wonderful parents for helping her to carry it out. XOXO



13 year old Lilly approached us with an incredible idea: she wanted to shave off her beautiful hair as a fundraiser to help the animals. I was touched, but asked if she’d like to consider something easier like a bake sale. Nope! She’s committed to shaving her head for the animals, and has the support of her family. Honestly, I was so touched that I cried. What a wonderful heart Lilly has! It’s a huge thing for a 13 year old to give up her beautiful tresses, and indicates how special she is. If you’d like to contribute to Lilly’s fundraiser for the animals, please click on this link:
Thank you, Lilly, for your generosity and your compassion. XOXO



April 5, 2017

Recently we told you about a young dog who had been rescued from being a “bait dog” to train fighting dogs. Many people have expressed worry for her, and asked how she’s doing. I’m delighted to tell you that Pippin has been adopted by a truly wonderful family. She is becoming more confident, her hair is growing back, and she’s put on lots of healthy weight. She’s not unscathed from her horrible ordeal. Pippin is deaf, but is quickly learning hand signals. She is still on antibiotics from bite wounds, and has scars, but is healing nicely. She’s afraid of the dark, but is happy sleeping in a crate next to her new Dad. Yup, she’s a Daddy’s Girl now! Her new family adores her, and Pippin is thriving with their love and attention. A true Happy Ending!! Thanks to everyone who helped with this rescue. xoxo

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March 27, 2017

Thanks to everyone who sent their good wishes to Bilbo for his surgery yesterday. The bad news is that when they did the pre-op blood tests before the surgery, his iron levels were way too low. So the surgery has had to be delayed (argh!), so that they can hopefully build his iron up. Bilbo will also have tests to see if there’s any reason it’s so low… and hopefully it’s nothing sinister. We’ll keep him in our prayers that this is another hurdle he can jump on his path to recovery. In the meantime, he’ll stay on pain med and antibiotics for his dead foot and horribly injured leg.
The good news is that a caring vet nurse has totally fallen in love with Bilbo, and has offered to adopt him once he’s had his surgery. He’ll have a wonderful life with lots of love and attention. Now he just needs to get his iron up and have that surgery. I’ll keep you informed of progress. Thanks to everyone who has donated for his operation. We’ll put that aside for when the surgery finally happens.



March 26, 2017

Bilbo, the goat who was chained by the foot and requires amputation, is having his surgery today. Anaesthetics are always scary with goats, as they’re so sensitive, and of course we’re nervous. However, there is no choice: he either has the leg amputated, or has to be put down. He’s been in terrible pain, as the chain ate right into the bone, and was infected. The foot is literally dead. The amputation will be at the hip, so that there isn’t a dangling section of leg that would be knocking into things and throwing him off balance. It’s horrible what this poor soul has endured, and I intend to contact the SPCA and ask for an investigation of Bilbo’s previous owners. In the meantime, thank you to everyone who donated toward today’s surgery. It will cost $1500, plus $360 for aftercare. Many kind people have donated a total of just over $1000, which is a huuuuuge help. Thank you so much. Please keep Bilbo in your thoughts today.