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THERE SHE GLOWS – Princess, Part 1

December 1, 2016

You might remember Princess, one of the day old baby goats that was rescued from being killed on their day of birth at a goat dairy farm. Princess went to a fosterer, but was returned two days later with a severely injured leg. She was sent up to me, and we’ve had her ever since. Princess is the most beautiful goat I’ve ever known… and I’ve known and loved a lot of them. There’s something so very special about her. Recently Michael was taking photos of a volunteer with Princess. In every shot, from various angles, everything was clear – except Princess, who glowed like a ball of light. In every photo! I’ve joked that it’s her beautiful aura showing through… but I think there might actually be a grain of truth in that. She’s a bundle of light and love. I’ll give you an update on her injury in the next post.

princess pen

THERE SHE GOES – Princess, Part 2

Princess didn’t use her leg for the first few months after she was injured. We tried medicine, physiotherapy, xrays, ultrasounds, osteopathy, homeopathy, etc. We put her in a splint, but finally took it off and let her find her own way. It was decided that she’d torn her ACL. Although this would never heal, it was hoped that scar tissue would develop and would help stabilise her knee. Some people said Princess should be put to sleep. But as long as she was enjoying life, we refused. The day that Princess first put her foot on the floor, we celebrated. The first time she bore weight on it (standing on her bad leg while lifting her good leg to scratch) I screamed like I’d won Lotto. This video shows you how well Princess is doing now. Gaby had to switch to slow motion while filming, just so you could see this speedy girl! I’m so glad we gave Princess the chance to heal and learn to live a full life in spite of her injury.
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November 28, 2016

Skynyrd’s new name is Costello, which is brilliant. They’re both doing really well in their forever home with a wonderful family. They have a great house, handmade by their new dad. They’re located very close to the family’s house, so they are in constant contact. Elvis & Costello respect the electric fence which marks their boundary, and are content with their large paddock, lots of yummy weeds, and a hilltop to play King of the Hill. The children enjoy feeding them treats, and they receive lots of cuddles and attention. Georgie says “We’re loving having Elvis & Costello here. They’re such characters!! They are definitely here to stay! ”



November 24, 2016

It’s Thanksgiving Day in the USA, and millions of families will be eating turkey. Personally, I’m grateful that my beautiful turkeys, Stars and Stripes, are safe here at The Animal Sanctuary! And in a bizarre coincidence, I got a phone call from a lady who said that a friendly female turkey had adopted them, and they loved her. But they’re moving to a suburb, and the turkey needs a new home. They were afraid to advertise her in case someone wanted her for meat. Would we take her? I absolutely love the idea of saving another turkey on Thanksgiving Day! And I’m sure Stripes will be DELIGHTED with another female to add to his flock. (We don’t do any breeding at our sanctuary, so eggs are removed from the nests and replaced with plastic eggs with sand in them.)

millie alone


November 23, 2016

Millie has relapsed, and the fluid in her lungs is back. We put her on meds again yesterday, but it wasn’t enough and she was in respiratory distress all night. No sleep for either of us! I was waiting at the vet clinic when they opened early this morning. Millie had a number of injections, and then spent an hour in an oxygen tent. She’s home now, back on stronger meds, and if the fluid on her lungs decreases by tomorrow, she’ll have lung x-rays taken. This should indicate what the underlying problem is: cancer? infection? etc. Fingers crossed it’s something we can treat, so that this doesn’t happen again.

pickles 2


November 21, 2016

It’s taken me several days to be able to share this story, because it’s been so sad. No happy ending here, unfortunately. I got a call from a man who said he’d accidentally shot a mother pig (ie, he was pig hunting, and didn’t realise she was a mother until too late). He discovered she had 4 newborn piglets. He took them home, 3 died, and he’d fallen in love with the remaining little female. He repeated many times that he loved her, but as he worked he couldn’t do the 2 hourly feedings through the day and night. When Pickles arrived, she had diarrhoea and was a bit weak. This continued, and we saw blood in her stool. We rushed her to the vet. He said she was just too little, was dehydrated, and her core temp was too low (even though we had her on heating pad and were doing 2 hourly feeds). Pickles got weaker, and passed away. Gaby, who had instantly developed a close bond with Pickles, was devastated. We sooo wanted her to live, and find a loving home. I can only hope that the pig hunter now has a different attitude, and may stop pig hunting. :-(



As always, when the Auckland University Animal Rights Group comes up for a working bee, it’s a fabulous day. They get so much done, it’s just incredible. Our volunteers Errol, Leslie, Gaby, Emilie, Johan, Octav and our guest John from the USA all joined in to make it an incredibly productive day. We got heaps of projects completed – magic!! Thanks so much to everyone involved.



This amazing woman ran 50 km to raise $1000 for our animal sanctuary, and to honour her Dad’s memory. What an accomplishment!! Thank you so much Peta, we are very grateful for your support. Your donation will go toward the next hen rescue, and we’ll make sure each hen knows how you helped to save her from those horrible battery cages!