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April 25, 2015

Because the animal sanctuary is a registered charity, your donations (in NZ) are eligible for a 33% tax refund. Our books are being finalised by our accountants this week, and we will be sending out tax claimable receipts in the first week of May to everyone who made a donation in the past tax year. With the sky-rocketing postal fees, for the first time we will email the receipts where possible. I’d rather use that 80 cents postage plus envelope money for the animals. It adds up quickly, so thank goodness for email!



April 22, 2015

I’m getting a lot of enquiries from people who want to rehome their existing hens, either because they no longer lay, or because their circumstances have changed. Either way, I appreciate that they’re willing to rehome the hens, rather than just kill them. Older hens can be harder to find a home for, as many people want to have eggs for some time first. Recently I told you about Pauline, who adopted 3 unwanted hens who were no longer laying. Today she agreed to take a 4th (and final) unwanted older hen to live a safe life with her. People like Pauline make my heart sing!! Pauline says “The hens are coming into my house and run to me the minute they see me. Too cute! I painted their toenails so now I know from a quick glance which is which. They look gorgeous smile emoticon That gave me a good laugh, and sent me running to google “hens with painted toenails”. Sure enough, lots of photos! This isn’t Pauline’s hen, but I thought it would make you smile.

tiny romeo


April 17, 2015

Our rescued miniature horse, Romeo, has such a huge personality and big heart, that I literally forget that he’s small. So when I see a photo like this, it takes me by surprise! The interesting thing is that Romeo himself has no idea he’s small. He’s always wanted to be leader of the herd, and he’s the only one who’s confident enough to pal around with massive Sparky. It’s all about attitude, right?!

benji cram


April 15, 2015

I’ve probably posted this kind of thing before, but seeing my darling Benji all curled up and crammed into the smallest bed he can find just makes my heart melt. He loves being in the tiniest bed! I think it makes him feel like he’s having a cuddle. Who could resist??



I received a message from someone who adopted in a previous rescue, saying that her hens weren’t laying. She wanted us to find a new home for them. Before I had time to even post the request, I got a beautiful email from a lovely lady named Pauline. She wanted to adopt rescued hens… and didn’t care if they ever laid or not. Wow, how perfect was that?! And when I told Pauline about the hens needing a home, she actually responded “I believe those 3 girls were meant for me.” I couldn’t agree more. I got shivers! I totally LOVE IT when those meant-to-be moments happen. Thank you, Pauline.

new rescue


April 9, 2015

After our big rescue was completed, there were a few hundred hens left behind The farmer had reserved them for his “kill customers”, and wouldn’t let us take them. We were saddened by this, as we were willing to take every single hen. It was a small consolation that the farmer phoned after the kill customers had been, to say there were 76 hens still remaining. Our amazing local rescuer, Angie. rushed right over to collect them. (And yes, the photo shows the real cages these hens lived in.) That brought the total number of battery hens saved in this rescue to 1628. Phenomenal! Thank you to everyone who took part, and most especially to Angie, Adie, Lorette, Kath & Bill, and my husband Michael. xoxoxo



I truly enjoy receiving photos and stories from happy hen adopters after a rescue, such as this one: “Here is one of my girls sunbathing for the first time. I felt really mean last night shutting them into their little house in case they got cold, they must have thought they were back in the factory! Can’t wait till it gets light so I can let them out! Thank you so much for rescuing them.”
I love it when hens sunbathe for the first time. They look funny, but they’re spreading their wings to enjoy the sun and warmth. It makes me so happy!

hen lawn

Part 1 – Big Hen Rescue

April 3, 2015

Well, there’s a saying about the best laid plans, and it certainly proved true on Wednesday for our big hen rescue. It was a wonderful and sad and heart-warming and frustrating day, all at the same time. 638 hens were rescued in a single day, which was a phenomenal achievement. No-one could have predicted that there would be an accident on the bridge, which would leave the hens on the floats sitting in traffic for an extended time. They were hot and stressed, and even though they had lots of room they tended to crush together. 9 hens perished, which broke our hearts. They were so close to freedom. Certainly we have learned some lessons and will make changes if we do this again. Yet we must remember to celebrate that 629 battery hens scheduled for death were rescued and rehomed successfully in one day, and will now live long happy free lives. Fantastic!! The rest of the hens were picked up in smaller batches yesterday, today and tomorrow. 1500 hens in total is an amazing achievement… and with any luck, the farmer will release the final few to us, too! The people involved on Wednesday, both volunteers and adopters, were kind, patient, and so helpful. When our hens arrived, everyone pitched in to unload them, trim their nails and give them their worm meds before sending the hens on their way to forever homes with their new families. The positive spirit and rescue camaraderie really touched me. Thank you to everyone involved in this rescue, too many to name. You’re wonderful people with astounding hearts, and I appreciate your commitment to the animals. Much love, Shawn.