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May 22, 2017

For all our local animal lovers….

A night out…..

A beautiful movie……

And you’ll help support our Animal Sanctuary 😍

Thursday, 8 June, 8pm.  Call 09-425-8730 to purchase your tickets.  

Thanks to Lisa Treadwell and Kowhai Kids for running this great event for us.

See you there!


We finally have a date!!! Our hen rescue will start on 31 May, with the majority of it happening on Saturday 3 June. We still need a few more volunteers for Saturday 3 June to either:

A. DRIVE to the battery farm with your vehicle full of transport cages or boxes; help carry the hens from their battery cage to their vehicle and place in transport cage; once loaded, drive the hens to their adoption centre, and usually help unload. (Note, it can be challenging to see the hens at the farm in the cages. All volunteers must be calm, polite, professional, and neutral while there. We have one purpose only: to save as many hens as possible. No tantrums, crying, etc, which could result in the farmer cancelling future rescues. No photos allowed on farm, and farm location must be kept confidential). Drivers gather and borrow cat cages, transport cages, or banana boxes in advance, to transport their number of hens. Full info will be provided.

B. UNLOAD at one of the adoption centres: When the rescued hens arrive, you help get them out of transport cages quickly. Then work in teams of 3 people: 1 person holds a hen, the 2nd trims her toenails, and the 3rd gives her worming meds. Then they go into their rest area while waiting for their new families to come to adopt them. One person at each centre does the admin for adoptions, having each adopter sign their adoption agreement, and ensuring they adopt the correct number of hens. Previous experience with trimming dog or hen toenails very welcome, although we can teach you. Adoption centres still needing volunteers are Kauakapakapa and Henderson. We’re all set for Dairy Flat, and I’ll know about Matakana soon.

If you want to register your interest to help, please EMAIL Shawn at Include your phone number (landline if possible). Thank you.


May 20, 2017

If you kindly want to feed ducks, here are some suggestions that will be healthier for them.
WHY? Processed white flour products are mega-carbohydrates that offer little nutritional value for ducks, waterfowl and other birds. It’s “junk food”. Too much bread leads to excessive weight and malnutrition as well as many other problems.
DISEASES: A carbohydrate-rich diet leads to greater defecation, and bird faeces easily harbour bacteria responsible for numerous diseases, including AVIAN BOTULISM.
Also, mouldy bread can cause aspergillosis, a fatal lung infection that can decimate entire duck and waterfowl flocks.
DUCKLING MALNUTRITION: In an area where ducks are regularly fed bread, ducklings will not receive adequate nutrition for proper growth and development. Furthermore, because ducks will naturally seek out an easy food source such as human handouts, ducklings will not learn to forage for natural foods as easily.


May 14, 2017



I’m delighted that some people have offered to foster for Hedgehog Rescue NZ. Thank you! If you thought about it, but aren’t sure about caring for a sick or injured animal, there are several perfectly well hedgehogs that just need a bit more time before release:
1. Lesley has 11 “maintenance” hedgehogs which have been fully treated and only need feeding & cleaning until ready for release. Some just need a week or so, others may be with you through the winter. There are a couple of pairs that need to stay together, if you’re short of space but would like to help. Lesley is based on the North Shore, and can coach you through fostering. Contact her on 094279009
2. Jo has a young hedgehog in Dannemora who urgently needs a fosterer. He’s on solid foods, so no bottle feeding required. Just love and attention. Contact Jo on 0210319349


May 7, 2017

On Saturday I picked up a hen who’d been tied by the foot. When the string cut right through to the bone, the “owners” simply moved it to the other foot and started destroying that one, too. Her left foot is literally rotting, and the other has a huge black scab you can’t see in this photo. The smell is terrible. You can see right into her bone, and ligaments are exposed in the back. I took her straight to the vet. Surprisingly there was still warmth in those hugely swollen toes, meaning somehow a small amount of blood was getting through. So we won’t amputate yet. She’s on meds and intensive treatment. The chances of saving her foot are low, but we’ll try. I’m so so tired of horrible, cruel people. I was strong and practical at the vet… but a few minutes later when a mean driver blasted his horn at me for no good reason, I burst into tears! I guess I’d just hit my “horrible person” tolerance level for the day. We’ve named this sweet gentle hen Angel, but I think her previous owners belong to opposite realm.


I had a phone call from Jo, a hedgehog rescuer in West Auckland. She said that they desperately needed fosterers, as two key Auckland rescuers are incapacitated, so Jo is overloaded. If you’re willing to foster in Auckland, please contact Jo on 0210319349.
Jacqui from Hedgehog Rescue NZ says need more hedgehog rescuers throughout the country, but particularly in Auckland, Hamilton and Wellington. You can contact Jacqui on the FB page for Hedgehog Rescue NZ. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, and can provide you with information and support every step of the way. She gets calls from someone with a hedgehog, and refers them to the nearest rescuer. Each rescuer can say “no” if they are not available for any reason, or are full. Be aware that rescuers need to pay for their own meds, and for vets if you use them. HRNZ knows of hedgehog friendly vets, and have lots of info to share. You don’t have to live rurally to do this rescue work. The best hedgie rescuer I ever knew lived in suburbia! If you want to help, please give Jo or Jacqui a call…


May 5, 2017

Willie’s rescue was one of the most challenging I ever took on. I’m so grateful to Leanne and her family for giving him a safe loving home. I went to visit Willie recently, and was delighted to see how wonderful he looks. Leanne writes “WOW 4 years since this big brute joined our funny farm. He and Poppy are the best of friends still. Willie brought a lonely cow friendship and happiness. Sure, he’s destroyed most of the fencing with his huge horns and butt rubbing, but we love him anyway!! We’re lucky he’s such a gentle boy. “