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October 15, 2014

Many of you will remember at the beginning of the year when we did a battery hen rescue, and a very very high percentage of the hens had broken legs, broken wings, and hideous bruising. We were told about purposeful abuse of the hens from the battery farm workers. Some hens had to have wings amputated, and others with both legs broken had to heal in slings: The suffering was terrible, and unlike any other farm we’ve rescued from. ( Well, the same company, Craddock, now wants to build a massive new battery farm in South Auckland… which would hold 310,000 caged hens. If it goes ahead, it will be NZ’s largest intensive egg factory farm. We are petitioning the shareholders to reconsider, as the vast majority of NZers DON”T WANT BATTERY FARMS! I’ve written a letter to the shareholders, and I’m pleading with you to sign my petition and share as widely as you can. There are so many facts which show it’s a bad decision to invest in another battery farm. Please help us gather thousands and thousands of signatures from caring people like yourself, who say NO to caged eggs. Thank you, on behalf of the animals, Shawn Bishop
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Happy Adoptions

I’m so pleased. Yesterday and today I placed a number of animals up for adoption… and they ALL found great homes. Some of them happened so quickly that I never even got them posted on this website! I worry about every animal that people phone me about rehoming, so it makes me really happy when I know they’ve been adopted and will go to loving, safe homes.



October 13, 2014

I’m so tired of being on the receiving end of deliberate cruelty towards animals I’ve just had a phone call from a local vet. Someone brought in an oystercatcher that was just sitting weakly on Omaha Beach. It is severely dehydrated and emaciated. An x-ray showed an air-gun pellet lodged in its throat. We agreed that if they operated and were able to remove it, we would take the bird for aftercare. It may have an infection already, so it’s chances are 50/50. We’re not sure yet if it’s a pied oystercatcher (the more common type) or a variable oystercatcher (the endangered type). Either way, we’ll give it daily meds and tube feed it pureed fish. Makes me so sad!



October 10, 2014

My husband often complains that I say “YES” to anything anyone wants to give me. But honestly, I always find a use that will help the animals. Recently our wonderful supporters Gaye & Bruce gave me 4 fully contained, cave-like kitty litter boxes. “But we don’t even have cats!”, Michael exclaimed. Ah yes, but we do have rescued battery hens who’ve never had a moment of privacy… and guess what? They LOVE to use them as laying boxes! When I go over in the morning, there are literally two hens in each box, and several more patiently lined up waiting to go in. Gaye and Bruce also gave us a number of concrete tiles and bricks and pavers, and I can’t tell you how handy they’ve been over this wet muddy winter. They formed a lovely dry entrance to the sheep’s house, and a safe walkway all the way around the compost boxes, just to name a few. Thanks so much, G&B, I really appreciate your support!



October 9, 2014

Wow, I’m so impressed with our Facebook Friends. Within moments of posting an urgent plea for someone to board gorgeous Toffee (below), we were swamped with helpful replies. Several people immediately offered to board him, others quickly directed us to professional services, and many people shared the story to spread the word. A1 Transport even offered to transport Toffee and his cages if needed. What a blessing this wonderful animal-loving community is!! Deni said she was “gobsmacked” at the response, and called it “Absolutely brilliant”. Toffee now has a great home to board at (Thanks Debs!), and Deni can cancel her heart attack. Thank you to everyone who responded so positively. You’re wonderful!!



Arrangements for Toffee while his ‘Mum” is overseas have fallen through. Denny leaves this weekend, and urgently needs to find somewhere for Toffee to board for the next 8 months. Toffee is a friendly, intelligent, happy-go-lucky cockatoo with a huge vocabulary and no nasty habits. I( know him, and he’s lovely!) Denny is frantic to find a carer that will keep Toffee safe and happy while she’s away. Denny will pay for “room and board” Toffee has 2 large cages, one for outdoors and one for indoors. He’ll be happiest with someone who is around during the day, as cockatoos are smart and enjoy lots of stimulation. Toffee is 18 years old, which is young, as their lifespan is 80 – 100 years. Please contact Denny asap if you can help: 021-128-3328 or Thanks!!



October 8, 2014

Anyone visiting Matakana will have noticed a beautiful rooster strutting around the village green. He’s such a stunning work of art that we named him Artie. This rooster had been dumped with several others (remember the rooster who’d had his tail feathers set on fire?) Artie was intelligent enough to move to higher ground, and avoid people. A local woman named Leo was feeding him, but concerned because he kept going onto the main road. She feared it was “only a matter of time” before he was killed. Happily, someone adopting hens from us, Justin and Kerry, offered to give Artie a safe pampered home (with no intention of breeding, yay!) The trick was catching Artie!! Leo tried for several weeks to capture him, to no avail. So we finally brought “Big Bertha”, our huge capture pen, down to the village. It only took 30 minutes of coaxing before Artie went in for food – and we finally had him! He was petrified, but actually quite gentle. I was able to pop him into a cage and handle him easily. Justin and Kerry were delighted, and immediately made arrangements to come pick him up. Hooray, another happy ending! Now… one final rooster from that group has re-emerged from hiding (imagine the fear after seeing his brother set on fire), and still needs a safe home. As soon as someone offers, I’ll go down to catch him. If you’re interested, PLEASE phone or email: 09-422-7322 or Thanks.

book cover


October 5, 2014

I am so happy to announce today that our book “The Animal Sanctuary” is here!! It looks fantastic, and is loaded with great stories and beautiful photos. The book will be available to the general public next week through Paper Plus stores, and hopefully other good booksellers will also stock it soon. Just between you and me, though, the animals make more profit if you buy a copy directly from us. So I’m hoping our Sanctuary Supporters and Facebook Friends will purchase through our animal sanctuary on-line store: We’re offering free postage (in New Zealand) so that it will cost no more than if you bought it in a retail shop. Everyone who proof-read the book tells me it’s a great read which will make you laugh, cry, and feel inspired. A massive thank you to author Allison Jones for helping me to write it, and to Renee Lang of Renaissance Publishing for making it happen. Whether you want a good read for yourself, or as a gift for someone you love (early Christmas shopping??), I know the animals amazing stories and photos will be a hit. Enjoy!