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February 26, 2015

Thank you to our friends who suggested we set up a fund to install security measures at The Animal Sanctuary, so that we can continue to rescue animals in need. The reason that we were feeling so unsafe is that George’s theft as a random event made no sense. We are often asked to rescue animals from very bad circumstances: bitter divorce, hoarding, domestic violence, animal abuse or severe neglect. Although we have no proof, details of George’s theft indicate this may well have been a targeted event aimed at us in rage… and combined with other threats, make us believe we and the animals are unsafe. But as many of you wrote, the bad guys would win if we closed the sanctuary and gave in to intimidation. So, we’re going to continue: but only if we put in a range of security measures to protect the animals and ourselves. I know this will be costly, but is absolutely necessary. If you are willing to make a donation to help with these security expenses, we would certainly appreciate it: Please mention ‘security’ so we know what your donation is for. Thank you so much for your support, and if you would share this we’d be grateful.



February 25, 2015

Thank you to the many many people who sent us their kind thoughts and words of encouragement. Sadly, George is still missing. The $1500 reward for his return, no questions asked, is still available. However, since he hasn’t been brought back, we are also offering a reward for any information which leads to solving his theft. Contact Shawn, 09-422-7322 or It goes without saying that we are mourning George, and trying to decide what to do now that our peace and sense of safety have been shattered. How do we know it won’t happen again? How do we keep the animals safe in future? We’re talking about a wide range of options, from closing the sanctuary and moving away and not doing rescue work any more, to installing all kinds of security measures to ensure this can never happen again.. which would be very expensive and quite overwhelming. I swing between being incredibly sad, to incredibly angry. I still hold out hope this could have a happy ending, but understand that realistically that may not happen. Again, thank you to all those who shared George’s story far and wide, and for your support.



February 21, 2015

Each summer for the past several years we’ve held a concert picnic here at The Animal Sanctuary to thank our Sanctuary Supporters (people who set up an automatic donation of $5 or more to the animal sanctuary charity: )
Last year two of our supporters told us that they were musicians, and would be happy to play for us in future… but I can’t remember who it was!!! Argh, so frustrating! If it was you, or if you’re with a group that would be willing to donate playing at this year’s thank you picnic, would you please contact me? We’d actually like to hold two concert picnics this year, because we have to limit numbers and don’t want anyone to miss out. The marvellous Pipi Pickers have extremely kindly offered to play for one of them, and as they’re my favourite Bluegrass group, I’m sooo excited! I’ll announce the dates as soon as we’ve found our second group… Please contact me on or 09-422-7322 Thanks so much!



February 20, 2015

With so much sadness about George, and so far no response to our reward, I thought I’d post some happier news:
1. We’ve found a wonderful home for these 3 lovely goats (pictured). Their owner is moving and was frantic trying to locate a safe home for them, and happily we were able to help. Thanks Dawn, for giving them a lovely place to live. I know they’ll have a great life with you and your family. Love those happy endings!
2. The way the requests for hen adoption are still pouring in, it’s actually beginning to look like just might actually find homes for ALL of the hens from that entire cull! This will be the biggest rescue we’ve ever done, approx 2000 hens (not 2500 as previously thought). Angie, Adie, Lorette and I are spending untold hours going through the adoption process with every person who applies, and we still have lots of people to contact. But it’s looking really really good! Thanks to everyone who shared about our massive hen rescue, and helped make this possible.



February 19, 2015

I arrived back in NZ last night… and my husband told me that horrible news that on Saturday night (Feb 14), someone broke in and stole our beautiful Arapawa rescue sheep, George. We know it was humans that deliberately stole him, because they destroyed 2 gates to do it, and left them open. I am beside myself with distress and despair and grief. George is a loving pet sheep, more like a dog in his behaviours. He can’t be bred from because he’s been neutered. I fear that he’s dead, and I can’t stop crying. I adored him, and he was so trusting and affectionate. Our peaceful sanctuary has been violated, invaded. How can we ever feel safe again? I am offering a $1000 reward for the return of George, no questions asked. I just want him back. If the person who took George returns him quickly, or sends him back through a third party, or even tells us where to pick him up, that’ll be the end of it. We just want George home, safe and sound. Please. If he’s not returned to us soon, then we’ll also offer a reward for any information leading to solving his theft. Please share widely, and pray or send positive thoughts that George is still alive and can come home safely to us. Thank you. Shawn Bishop, 09-422-7322,
For positive news, see story below…

float rescue


We’re gearing up in a serious way, because we have a HUGE battery hen rescue planned. We won’t know the exact date until notified by the farmer, but we expect it will be very early in March. We want to rescue as many of these lovely brown shavers as possible. In the past we’ve rescued a maximum of 500 hens at a time. Well, brace yourself…

Our goal is to rescue every single one of the 2,500 hens in this battery shed!!! Any hens not rescued will be killed, so our dream is to save them all.
To do that, we need to have AS MANY good adoptive homes as possible to have been pre-approved before the rescue. Then we’ll know exactly how many hens we can save.

If you’re keen to adopt, please please start the adoption process with one us NOW. You can choose the rescuer closest to you:
1. Shawn, Matakana. Email me at
2. Adie, Dairy Flat. Email her at
3. Lorette, Albany/Okura.
4. Angie, Waiuku. Message Angie on her Facebook hen rescue page:

Collection points for picking up your hens will be Waiuku, Pukekohe, Albany, Dairy Flat, and Matakana.

We will rescue on multiple days, to get them all. Since we have to pay the farmer to rescue these beautiful young hens, we will ask that you make an adoption donation of at least $4 per hen.

We have rescued from this particular farm in the past, and the hens were absolutely gorgeous! Incredibly friendly, and very very ready to live a normal life outside of a cage. Thanks for considering adopting these sweet girls. Please share our news so we can rescue them all. xoxoxo

pre hernia


February 4, 2015

We really enjoy working with other rescue organisations to get the best results for animals in need. When our rescue partner Angie of Battery Hen Rescue and Rehoming told us about a lovely goat with a massive hernia that desperately needed help, we agreed to work together. Angie rescued the goat (named Heidi) and went to work on finding her a home. We paid for Heidi’s surgery to repair the huge hanging sack that interfered with her walking and running. This ‘before photo’ gives you an idea of the size, and the discomfort she must have experienced. See below for the result…

post hernia


Heidi had her operation a couple of days ago, and this ‘after photo’ shows the amazing change. I think I could use similar surgery, LOL. Heidi now has a great permanent home with Nicola, and will live the rest of her natural life happily and in comfort. Love those happy endings!