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April 29, 2016

We’ve had an urgent request to help find Chessie a home. She is a beloved pet kunekune of Sarah and her son … but the man of the house has taken up pig hunting, and has his pig dogs on the same property. It’s constant bedlam, with the dogs wanting to get at Chessie, and if there’s one slip up where the dogs get out, Chessie could be killed. The mother and son, who adore Chessie, are constantly worried. They want to find a safe loving home for her (must be guaranteed slaughter-free). I know you’ll be tempted to make comments about the man and his pig dogs, but please don’t. It won’t help. It is what it is, and we need to focus on saving Chessie. If you can give Chessie a safe loving home, please contact Sarah directly at 0274857308 or Please be polite. Sarah is stressed and worried, and only wants for Chessie to be safe in a new home. Please please share.
There are two other pigs who also need a home: one in the South Island, and a rare breed female here in Auckland. I’ll post these soon…



St Arnaud / Nelson / Blenheim areas
Someone please help!! Can anyone take my gorgeous pig? I can’t and won’t let dad shoot him but we can’t keep him much longer.
His name is Brother (it was a kind of temporary name until we thought of something else but we never thought of anything else and it kind of stuck!) and he’s about 4 or 5 years old. He’s really cuddly and goes to sleep if you give him a tummy rub but he is massive and gets enthusiastic about food so isn’t an indoor pig. He’s in St Arnaud but I can bring him to Nelson, Blenheim etc.
We used to breed pigs then sell the piglets and now we’ve decided to stop for various reasons. We were going to phase out by just not keeping any new breeding stock and selling the piglets of the pigs we have at the moment to earn the money for their feed etc. But the sows have a pretty hard life because they’re constantly either pregnant or feeding piglets which leads to health issues when they’re older, and the boar pushes them around quite a bit, and then today we had a sow with a prolapse because of the boar. It’s not fair on the girls and I don’t want to keep Brother separate because I don’t have the time to keep him company enough, and we don’t have a decent food source other than CRT pig pellets which we can’t afford without income from piglets. So he needs to go somewhere else. Dad is fed up with pig problems and expenses (understandably) but his solution is the freezer which is just absolutely not an option for me. The thought is just unimaginable.
If you can give Brother a safe slaughter-free lifetime home or know someone who can help, please contact Sam at or 022-0800422



April 26, 2016

The Ministry of Primary Industries has announced that it wants input into changes to animal welfare legislation. This is massive…But input is only open until 19 May! And they’re only holding 6 consultation meetings throughout all of NZ. This feels like total lip service to me, a pretence that they’re getting input when they’re not. This is HUGELY IMPORTANT to the animals of NZ, and more than a few weeks is required for us to have proper input. A protest will be held in Auckland on 2 May before the meeting. We’re asking that MPI allows more time so that NZers can properly contribute and have input into our animal welfare laws. Lip service isn’t good enough. People care about animal welfare, and we need a fair and reasonable process to ensure quality consultation has been achieved. Join us in Auckland on Monday 2 May (see below for info), and then attend the MPI meeting afterwards to show your support.
If you’re in Wellington, there is a protest today, 27 April:



April 25, 2016

Yesterday we had a visit from close friends Maja and Krista. They are 12 years old, and are total animal lovers. These two amazing girls decided to help animals by fundraising for our animal sanctuary. They raised a whopping $600 since December! I was completely blown away. They held vegan bake sales at home and at school, did chores, etc etc Their original goal was $100, but they kept setting higher goals. What incredible children! They came up with Maja’s mum Justine and brother Jarvis to help out yesterday, and surprised me with the donation and a gorgeous hand made card. Part of it reads “Thank you for being such kind, generous, amazing and inspirational people. Ever since we found out about the animal sanctuary a year ago, we have been inspired to help animals, go vegan and start our own animal sanctuary when we grow up.” Of course, I cried! Thank YOU, Maja and Krista, for being such kind, generous, amazing and inspirational people. You lifted my heart, and we deeply appreciate your compassion and support. I can’t wait to see the wonderful things you’ll do in the world as you grow!!



April 24, 2016

We were off to an early start this morning. Hendrix and ShayShay have been staying with us for the past month while their owners looked for a new place to live that could accommodate their beloved goats. Holly is a Sanctuary Supporter, and we were happy to be able to house the goats for her while they searched for a property. They finally found the perfect place! This morning, after attending the nearby dawn parade, they came to pick up their wee darlings and take them to their new home. I am soooo going to miss these little rascals! But I’m delighted that they have a great new place to live, and that they’re reunited with their loving owners. It’s touching to see the bond they share. I wish everyone loved and appreciated their goats the way Holly does!

corner office


April 22, 2016

I know that in corporate companies, the corner office is usually the one everyone wants. Well, it’s the same for rescued battery hens! We have about a dozen rectangular nesting boxes for the hens, but they all crowd into the one triangular corner box that someone donated to us (it used to be a covered kitty litter box). There are often 4 hens squeezed in there, and several pacing anxiously outside waiting their turn. Yesterday I picked up 28 eggs in the morning: 24 eggs were piled in the one corner box, and 4 were scattered elsewhere. We’ve moved the box to different spots, and the same thing happens. It seems to be the triangular shape that they love so much. So if you see any unused triangular kitty litter boxes laying around, please let us know. The girls have made their preference clear!

BNZ coms team


The Bank of New Zealand allows its employees 2 days each year to go out and volunteer for community charities. Their Communications Team heard about our sanctuary from a co-worker, John, when he helped with our massive battery hen rescue. Four of them came up yesterday to help. From left to right: Hannah, Shannon, Michele, little goats Hendrix and Shay Shay, and Millie. They worked on several different projects, which was a great help. We had a great time, too! What lovely people. And what a great idea for a corporate to give back to their communities this way. Well done, BNZ!



April 21, 2016

Yesterday afternoon our beloved lorikeet, Keetie, escaped out a door and flew away. I was absolutely gutted. We searched and called and whistled all around the property until late at night, stumbling through bush and scaring a few possums in the process! Not a sound from Keetie. We finally gave up in the pitch dark and vowed to start searching again in the morning… but I knew that many domestic birds who don’t have experience flying in the wild get frightened and fly far away, never to return. I prayed all night. This morning I went out and called… and Keetie answered immediately!! She was high up in a tree, whistling and chattering, but wouldn’t fly down to us. We stood with our arms out like scarecrows for ages, hoping she’d fly down, but she wasn’t having it. (No, that’s not a real photo of her in the tree. I was too focussed on her to even think about taking a picture!) We brought out her house with food, and tried everything we could think of. After a long time Keetie flew in a big circle and landed in another tree, even higher and further away. I was getting desperate, so decided to try climbing the tree. Michael was horrified, but I had that adrenalin rush that mums get when their kid is in danger. Blow me down, I did it!! I managed to climb to within less than a meter of her – of course she wouldn’t budge – and with a final push my hand was next to her. She hopped on, and went to my shoulder. Climbing down was precarious, but thank goodness she held on. I wrapped her in my hoodie and we got her back to the house. What a relief! I think I need the day to recover, but she seems just fine. She’s talking away, no doubt telling us of her exciting adventure!