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December 9, 2016

Lots of babies still coming in, which makes for some unusual nest buddies. This little thrush and tiny duckling both needed someone to cuddle, and it worked! Then Gaby found a tiny rabbit out in the storm last evening. Closer investigation revealed a nest with one already dead and maggoty (which means the mother had been killed or abandoned the nest, as the mums remove any dead babies), and a total of 4 dehydrated wee bunnies, sopping wet and covered in mud. We all curled up to watch a movie last night, and it seemed natural for all the babies, birds & bunnies, to cuddle together as well! Gaby and Ronya took turns getting up through the night for feeds, and they’re all still here the next day. A trip to the vet for miniature bottles, nipples and formula, and we’ll see how it goes. They sure are adorable!

swede small


December 8, 2016

Yesterday our amazing wwoofers, Emelie and Johan from Sweden, left to continue their NZ holiday. After 6+ weeks here, I’d really come to consider them part of our animal sanctuary family. Gosh, we’re gonna miss them! Michael was away for 3 weeks, and these two were a fantastic help. I’d say they’re in the “Super-Wwoofer” class! Thank you Emelie and Johan for all your support & hard work, your kind hearts, and your passionate enthusiasm. I couldn’t have done it without you!! (That’s rescue hens Wheezy and Liza Mae in the photo with them, helping with the gardening.)

sick bay


The present Michael brought back from overseas was: the flu! Gaby, Ronya and I all have it now. But it’s been a good lesson in responsibility. No matter how icky we feel, the animals have to be cared for. Rain, shine, well or ill, we get out there and care for our animal family. In between… we crash!! :-)

play date


December 7, 2016

This photo is of Baa, one of our rescued babies that was adopted. Sadly, her companion passed away recently, and she’s lonely. Her family are bringing her here today for a play date with our Princess. If they get along, and Baa isn’t too hard on Princess’s knee, they will adopt Princess. Is it possible for one thing to make you happy and break your heart at the same time? I’m so excited that Princess might have a loving home and wonderful goat friend to play and sleep with… but at the same time, my heart is already aching at the thought of her moving away. I guess this is how all “mothers” feel when their baby leaves home. I want what’s best for her, and I know being with another goat and a fabulous family are what she needs. But oh! It sure does leave a hole in my heart to even think about her going. I will let you know the result after the play date…

baa and princess


And here’s the update on Princess’s play date: It went really well, and Princess has gone to her new home. It was a wrench, for her and for me, but she’s settling in beautifully. Baa is happy to have the company, and Princess has quickly adjusted to having another goat in her life. They sleep together, play together, and eat together. There’s not much rough play, so Princess’s knee is holding up really well. The family who adopted Princess love their goats, and ensure they have the best of everything. Although I miss her terribly, I couldn’t be happier for her!
For another happy ending, read the story below…

cow collage 03


December 6, 2016

Sometimes I’m amazed by the way things work out, almost miraculously. One day I received two messages. The first was from a lady named Debbie who had a lonely 2 year old cow name Polly. She was desperate to find a safe home for Polly. My heart absolutely sank, because I know it’s practically impossible to find good homes for adult cows. I was instantly anxious about whether I’d be able to help. Then I opened the second message. OMG!! It was from a woman name Ange, wo had a single lonely cow named Lily, and wanted to adopt a cow in need to be her buddy. I was stunned. I literally got shivers. I put them in touch with each other, and the adoption was agreed. It took some time to arrange transport, but Debbie and Ange were persistent and wouldn’t give up. Polly has now moved to live with Lily, and they’re very very happy. Ange sent me a video of their meeting, and it was clearly BFFs at first sight. Love these ‘miracle’ happy endings!!


THERE SHE GLOWS – Princess, Part 1

December 1, 2016

You might remember Princess, one of the day old baby goats that was rescued from being killed on their day of birth at a goat dairy farm. Princess went to a fosterer, but was returned two days later with a severely injured leg. She was sent up to me, and we’ve had her ever since. Princess is the most beautiful goat I’ve ever known… and I’ve known and loved a lot of them. There’s something so very special about her. Recently Michael was taking photos of a volunteer with Princess. In every shot, from various angles, everything was clear – except Princess, who glowed like a ball of light. In every photo! I’ve joked that it’s her beautiful aura showing through… but I think there might actually be a grain of truth in that. She’s a bundle of light and love. I’ll give you an update on her injury in the next post.

princess pen

THERE SHE GOES – Princess, Part 2

Princess didn’t use her leg for the first few months after she was injured. We tried medicine, physiotherapy, xrays, ultrasounds, osteopathy, homeopathy, etc. We put her in a splint, but finally took it off and let her find her own way. It was decided that she’d torn her ACL. Although this would never heal, it was hoped that scar tissue would develop and would help stabilise her knee. Some people said Princess should be put to sleep. But as long as she was enjoying life, we refused. The day that Princess first put her foot on the floor, we celebrated. The first time she bore weight on it (standing on her bad leg while lifting her good leg to scratch) I screamed like I’d won Lotto. This video shows you how well Princess is doing now. Gaby had to switch to slow motion while filming, just so you could see this speedy girl! I’m so glad we gave Princess the chance to heal and learn to live a full life in spite of her injury.
Click on this link to see the video: