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June 26, 2016

Lesley knits these beautiful chicken jumpers, and uses the money from their sale to help with elephant rescue. Wow! That’s pretty clever, helping rescued battery hens and endangered elephants at the same time. Two different people very kindly ordered jumpers and asked her to send them to our animal sanctuary: Chrissy C sent us 4 jumpers, and Andrea B sent another 2. What lovely surprises! With this cold weather, it’s perfect timing. Thanks so much to everyone involved.

coco chanel


June 25, 2016

My poor husband should be used to it by now. We make plans to celebrate his birthday… and suddenly an animal in need changes everything. Years ago in 1990 when we were first together, I took him out for a special birthday lunch. Just as our food was served, we noticed a bird acting strangely. The waiter confirmed it had been there for four days! My wonderful man looked at me and said, “Lunch is over, isn’t it.” We spent the rest of our lunch break capturing the bird, taking it for treatment, etc. Well, nothing has changed!! On Friday night I made plans to take him to Auckland for a special overnight getaway. On the way, my dear friend Natascha called to say she had found an injured hedgehog. We managed to have dinner and a Giapo ice cream while Natascha tried a vet and a hedgehog rescuer. But when we heard that the rescuer wasn’t available until the next day, we rushed over to help. The poor hedgehog had mange, which is treatable, and had a clear leg injury from being hit by a car. But the urgent thing was that I realised the poor animal being eaten alive by maggots inside his wounds. So Natascha and I spent the next hour and a half syringing the wounds with salt water, and picking out live maggots with tweezers. Dozens and dozens of them, ranging from teeny to large. Not exactly the birthday evening I’d planned, but Michael took it with good grace. THAT is why I married this man all those years ago, and why I’m still married to him today! (It’s also why Natascha is one of my dearest friends – who else would do maggots with me?!)



June 23, 2016

I was contacted about a British Alpine female goat named Kinvara who needed a home. Her family was moving to the suburbs, and they were very worried about finding the right home for their beloved goat. Soon after, I received a request from a family who’d had 2 goats, and 1 had passed away. The remaining goat, George, was pining away and needed company. Match made in Heaven! Kinvara (not actual photo) is going to live with George this weekend. Love those happy endings!!



The previous story was about a goat who found a happy ending. Let’s see if this one can, too!
Ulysses has been tied at the side of the road, but happily he is being willingly surrendered by his current owner. Everyone involved would like Ulysses to have a home where he’ll have company, and run free. Ulysses is about 7 years old and a wether (neutered male) with no horns. He is fluffy and in good health. His personality is warm, playful, and adoring. But he is lonely for company and wants to move that dancing body of his



June 22, 2016

Maja’s petition to have Countdown ban caged eggs has now passed 16,000 signatures… and the media has taken an interest in her campaign. Maja adopted her two rescued hens from us. Now they’re famous! Watch this lovely news video here:
PS Countdowns response was misleading. The ban in Australia hasn’t even taken place yet, and there’s no regular shortage of free range eggs. The one they mentioned had nothing to do with this. The positive effect of consumers saying that they don’t want caged eggs is that Australian farmers are already changing their practices to get ready for the ban, decreasing cages and increasing the number of free range. As they increase their volume and their sales, prices come down. Bring it on, New Zealand!!
If you just want to sign the petition, it’s at:



June 15, 2016

Earlier this week I sponsored a little boy calf named Diego, for Don Diego de la Vega (Zorro’s real name). Zorro’s wife was named Esperanza, which in Spanish means HOPE. So I asked Starfish Bobby Calf Rescue to save a little female calf, which I could sponsor and name Esperanza. Here she is!!! Starfish says “We got her today at the saleyards. She melted my heart! She is the result of a dairy cow crossed with a hereford. The saleyard person said it was one chance in a million someone like me would come along and take her for life, as if someone did buy her it would be for beef. He told me there are lots like her that go on the bobby truck for slaughter, too.” I’m so glad this beautiful face will now be around for a full lifetime. Isn’t she gorgeous?! If you want to adopt a calf and give it a home for it’s full lifespan contact If you want to contribute to the rescue and raising of calves like these, you can donate to Starfish Bobby Calf Project at 03-0207-0013669-00



June 13, 2016

I recently learned about this great new community radio programme which focuses on animals, animal rights, and a wide range of animal topics. It’s Waikato based on Free FM 89.0, but each show is also available as a podcast on their facebook page for people who live out of the area. They invited me to talk with them on their programme last week. If you’d like to hear it, click on this link:
If you’d like to hear their programme each week, or catch up on past shows, follow them on their facebook page:

stitch and thyme


June 12, 2016

Last year we had a hen that had ‘plastic surgery’ to remove the large growths on her forehead and over her eyes. She looked like a hammerhead shark, and her vision was obscured… but she was a loving affectionate hen. After her surgery she was adopted with another rescue, and her ‘mum’ Jacqui sent me this photo and update last night:
“Hi Shawn! Thought you might enjoy seeing Stitch and Thyme now that they’ve finished their moult. Stitch is starting to look so good we sometimes think she’s Thyme. Lucky for us, she has her ‘Cher’ plastic surgery eyes, always a giveaway!”