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August 22, 2014

These two bronze turkeys were raised as pets. However, they live in an area with wild turkeys which the locals are hunting, and their “mum” fears for their lives. She is looking for a safe slaughter-free home for them. Ludovico and Ludmilla are very tame. He is a character, funny and talkative, quite a star. She is a sweetheart with a lower profile who goes wherever he goes. They are they are 9 months old. Ludovico is growing big, and Madalene doesn’t want him to become someone’s Christmas dinner! If you have land they can live on, with other turkeys or on their own, please contact Madalene on 09 4083238 or They are currently in Kaitaia at The Gentle World, but transport isn’t a problem and can be worked out. Thanks very much.



August 21, 2014

I pray this is our final “Life or Death” appeal this week…
Friendly family group of 12 rescued sheep are about to run out of time at an interim grazing address. Their carer has relocated and moving the sheep has been delayed by unforeseen circumstances. They could be fostered in groups of 2+ or ideally as a whole flock, or permanent adoption (to a genuine, natural lifespan, non-kill home) will be considered. Very urgent situation, must be moved within 1 week. Please call 09 4095 039, or email for full details. Thank you!!



I’m delighted to say that Stella and Willie, who had to have a home by today… Now have a home! Joanie is massively relieved and grateful to everyone who responded. Stella and Willie are going to a forever home in Takanini on 5 acres with a lovely lady called Sally. Whew!! That was close.
I was overwhelmed with the wonderful responses from our Facebook followers and their friends, and will be following up with some of the other people who offered the pigs a safe home. We still have 4 friendly pigs needing a new loving family: Cheetah (pictured), a single neutered male; Lucky, a lovely single female (perhaps Cheetah and Lucky could become a non-breeding couple and go to a new home together?!); and a pair that we will not separate, named Yoda and Mary (Yoda is also neutered). And of course, there are always more desperate pet pigs coming in, so I feel positively rich having so many possible homes for now and the future. I promise I’ll be following up with everyone this weekend when I have a free moment… Thanks again for your help!!

board flock

BOARDING URGENTLY NEEDED (Note, boarding found. Thanks!)

August 19, 2014

Here’s an unusual request: People that run a small sanctuary for old racehorses in Kumeu are moving to the city, but are in the process of buying land up north. They have found temporary homes for all of their animals except their flock of chickens. They are looking for somewhere to safely board them, and are happy to pay for this. The flock consists of 5 hens and 3 roosters (handraised triplet brothers who get on perfectly fine). They are a tight family unit and are used to foraging. They are currently in Kumeu, but are running out of time and haven’t been able to find a boarding situation. Can you help? Please contact Vanessa Cathie, 0212787787 or Thanks very much.



August 18, 2014

Stella and Willie, 2 extremely friendly kunekune pigs, must find a home by this Thursday 21 Aug or they may be destroyed. Their “dad” had a stroke and has gone into care. The property was rented, and the new tenants move in on Friday. Relatives have tried everything and haven’t been able to find the pigs a home. The situation is truly desperate. Willy and Stella were hand raised from babies, are great with kids & other animals, and are very loving. Both pigs are 5-6 years old, and are in Whenuapai in Auckland. PLEASE can you help? Adopt or even foster until a permanent home is found? Urgently contact Joanie Griffin on 021 082 95293 or 09 412 2916
PLEASE SHARE, I’m very very worried about their fate. (And I have several other beautiful pigs also in desperate need of a safe home, so if you miss out please contact me on

snow keyboard comp


August 17, 2014

Large parrots like Snow are intelligent, and need stimulation to keep them occupied. We’ve tried all kinds of toys with Snow, but she’s simply not interested. Then one day she was on Michael’s chair in the office, and it was obviously a bit too close to the desk. When we came back, all the keys were gone from his keyboard, and scattered all around the room. (It took us 3 weeks to find the “M”!) Ever since then, when we find a dead keyboard, we give it to Snow. She delights in picking the keys off and flicking them everywhere. So we were really pleased when Jasmax Architects offered us several defunct keyboards, which they were going to throw out. Snow has gone through all of them, and in on her last one now. Thanks Jasmax, you’ve given her many many hours of fun!!

photo shoot rain


August 16, 2014

Last month Woman’s Day asked if they could use our animal sanctuary for a photo shoot for an article they were doing on Sue Breckenridge, “Mrs. Dolittle”. She has worked with our animals, so I said yes. It was a lousy rainy day, but the photos they got were great! The article was out this week. I’ll post it below…

Mrs Doolittle article


Here’s the article, page 36 of the August 18 edition. You might have to zoom to read it! I can’t figure out how to get it online… Don’t the animals look fantastic? Sue does, too!