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gutter kitties


July 16, 2016

I know this isn’t the kind of thing I’d usually post. But this is a request for help from Danielle, the amazing and selfless woman who runs Gutter Kitties (a true no-kill cat shelter). I know first hand how much having a sanctuary takes everything you have. You work all day every day for no pay… and then when a family crisis hits, it’s doubly devastating. If you can help, even with a dollar or two, it would be so much appreciated. The full story is on the link. I’m sure you’ll be shocked by their ordeal (damn that unscrupulous builder!), and that you’ll also be moved. I know I am. It’s so not fair when bad things happen to wonderful people who are giving their all. Maybe you even know a builder who could help. Please share. Thank you.
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July 12, 2016

I thought I could at least catch you up with a few of the animals you may not have seen featured lately. Romeo asks that I start with him, of course, since he’s dying to be named at Leader of the Herd. OK Romeo, it’s now official! He may be small in stature (he has no idea that he’s a miniature), but he’s big in heart!! I love this photo – he looks like a cast member in Lord of the Rings!
(Photo by Nina Heyder

buddah curtain


In late June, a man brought us a bird that had been hanging around a building site for several days. It was a red necked lorikeet, which has quite different colourings than the more common rainbow lorikeet. I deliberately didn’t post an actual photo when I advertised her as Found, because I knew the real owner would be able to correctly identify her. We fell in love with this little bird with the huge personality while she stayed with us. Eventually we got a call from her family. They lived not far from the building site where she was found, and missed her. They were delighted to have her back. Now we miss her, but were happy to have been able to keep her safe for a week until her reunion. She certainly did match our curtains!!!

delilah new home


July 4, 2016

A while ago I told you about a wonderful rest home named Tranquillity Bay that also wanted to provide sanctuary for a few animals and birds. When we told them about lovely Delilah, an Auckland Island pig who’d been used for breeding, and had never been outside, Richard offered to adopt her instantly. Well, Delilah has now made the move, and is in paradise! She’s adapted really well to open space, grass, weather, and visitors. She has a lovely house, a well fenced paddock, and lots of very interested visitors throughout the day. (See below for part 2)

delilah view


Delilah has even claimed the paddock as her new home so completely that she chased off a dog the other day (something she’d also never seen before!) This photo was the view from her new home on the day she arrived. With the rainbow above, it was the perfect symbol of her new freedom. Delilah will live the rest of her life with much love and attention… and there are plans to adopt a companion for her, too. We couldn’t be happier for this lovely, gentle pig!



June 28, 2016

I haven’t yet had a chance to visit Diego and Esperanza, the two little calves we’ve sponsored through Starfish Bobby Calf Project. I can’t wait to kiss those little faces!! I am loving their photos and stories, and was surprised to see Diego in the news today. The link to the article is



June 26, 2016

A wonderful animal lover named Natalie Jane contacted me to see how she could help our rescued animals. It turns out that Natalie runs a business called Be Organised ( They help clients to declutter their home, reorganise belongings, set up systems, and turn chaos into calm. Natalie said that clients often ask her to “just take away” lots of good items, and she wondered if we wanted to sell them to raise funds for the animals. From that original visit, Natalie has now agreed to take over our Trade Me site to sell those items for us! What a wonderful person. Our goal is to sell items at low prices so that you get a bargain, and at the same time you help the animal sanctuary. Win/Win! (Several items have already sold since I posted them last night. Yay!) Since Natalie and I both live far out in the countryside, friends in the city have volunteered to act as our ‘pick up site’. I’m so grateful for this support. Please check out this weeks items, mark us a favourite seller, and let your friends know. We are the_sanctuary on Trade Me. We’ll be adding new items regularly. Thanks! You can find our site by clicking here:

20160626_100059 (Medium)


Lesley knits these beautiful chicken jumpers, and uses the money from their sale to help with elephant rescue. Wow! That’s pretty clever, helping rescued battery hens and endangered elephants at the same time. Two different people very kindly ordered jumpers and asked her to send them to our animal sanctuary: Chrissy C sent us 4 jumpers, and Andrea B sent another 2. What lovely surprises! With this cold weather, it’s perfect timing. Thanks so much to everyone involved.