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goat hangi


August 27, 2015

I’m totally in love already. These 2 little goats have been moved from pillar to post in their short lives, but the end of their journey is approaching. 10 days with us, and then to their forever home. They’re so friendly! The little girl cuddled right away. The boy was cautious, but within 10 minutes came straight up to kiss my face. Awwww! They’re enjoying exploring their new area, checking out every nook and cranny, feasting on hangihangi, native saplings, weeds and grass.

goat jo


Jo (in photo), the woman who discovered the goats dumped on her property, kept them safe in a pen, and was delighted to watch the sweet goats stretch their legs and run around. How lucky are these babies that when they were cruelly dumped, it just happened to be on the property of a woman who teaches pet first aid! She knew exactly what to look for, and noticed that there was a slight matted area where they’d clearly worn a collar. So she knew they’d been someone’s pets. Whew, fortunate for the little guys! I had to tear myself away, just to come write this update. Now I’m heading back out for more snuggles…

drama goats


August 26, 2015

After I posted about the little goats yesterday, the story got even more interesting. It turns out that they have a dramatic history! These two feral babies were hand reared in a suburb, then rehomed to a lifestyle block. The people that took them didn’t have adequate fencing, so they were rehomed again a month ago. When the lady who took them went away for a weekend, her nasty flatmate took a dislike to the goats, removed their collars and dumped them in another area. (Bastard!) Thank goodness that turned out to be Jo’s property, and she has kept them safe. Anyway, the lady searched everywhere on her return, with no success. LUCKILY Megan, the wonderful woman who is adopting the goats, is also Inspector Spot, the pet detective for lost pets!! ( Megan figured it all out, and contacted the previous owner. It’s been agreed that the little goats will still go to Megan, as they’ll have a wonderful safe home (with no nasty flatmates!) Everyone is delighted with the outcome, and I still can’t wait to get them tomorrow. The next 10 days will be so much fun!

first clutch


The first clutch of wild ducklings appeared this morning. There are 13 of the little cuties. I hope that 13 is a lucky number in this case, because every year we watch the ducklings disappear one by one until there are only a couple left. I know it’s nature: owls, hawks, stoats etc eat them. Others die to exposure or coccidiosis. And I know I can’t save them all. Soon there will be many more clutches appearing. But the “mum” in me wants to gather them all together and keep them safe! I’ll have to just trust in the wild mother, knowing she’ll do her best. And a handful of pellets to support her each morning will be a welcome treat.



August 25, 2015

Right before I went on holiday, we had a rash of animals needing homes. It was a stressful time getting them all adopted before I left. But getting thank you’s and photos like this one, which arrived this morning, remind me why it’s all worth it!
“Hi Shawn. Shadow is happy and settled in well. Thank you for helping us to find her and give her a better life. -Michelle”
Yay!! Shadow is the darker pig in the photo, and as you can see she’s loving the fact that she finally has a friend. Pigs are incredibly social creatures, and they’re much much happier with another pig for company. I love to see photos and hear stories of the animals we’ve helped in their new lives.
See the story below for our latest adoption success…


MEANT TO BE – Part 1

Yesterday a lovely lady named Megan contacted me to say she wanted to adopt 2 little goats to add to her family. I had none needing adoption. Then today, someone phoned with 2 little goats that had been dumped on their property. Their owners hadn’t been found, and they now needed homes. REALLY?!?! I contacted Megan immediately, and the match was made in an instant. Gosh, easiest adoption ever!! Megan is head over heals in love already. The little ones are coming here to the sanctuary for 10 days (yay!), and then will go to live forever lives being pampered and spoiled by Megan. How wonderful is that?!?!

goat kitchen

MEANT TO BE – Part 2

Here’s the other little goat. Talk about making herself at home! I can’t wait for them to come here so I can baby sit for the next 10 days. I adore little goats!!

shawn 2


August 21, 2015

Hi Everyone. I’ve been away on a relaxing holiday that has done me a world of good. Now that I’m back, I have literally hundreds of emails and messages to respond to. So please be patient if it takes me a while to catch up. In the meantime, one of the pleasures of going through all those messages is when I open those from people who’ve adopted, and are sharing their photos and videos of their happy new family members. Here’s one that made my heart sing. Have a look at these rescued battery hens, now clearly happy and healthy in their new home. (Thanks Amanda, for giving them this new life!)
Click here for video:
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