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August 15, 2017

Earlier this week, Loki was adopted to a great new home with Simon and Veronica. They hoped that Loki would be a friend for their lonely lorikeet, Icky. I held my breath, knowing that some lorikeets will fight. To everyone’s delight, it’s worked out well. The photos say it all: At first Loki and Icky checked each other out from their separate spaces. Then they slowly gave each other a closer inspection. Finally, in their own time, they came together. Woohoo! It looks like they’re going to be the best of friends. Their habitats are open so they can come out and play with the humans, or explore when they want to. But most importantly, they’ll now always have each other. Another happy ending!!


August 11, 2017

Benji is not at all sure about having to share his beds with the Popeye the rescued lamb. Just look at his face! LOL. But Popeye can rest easy, knowing that I just approved an absolutely fabulous new home with an incredible new “mum”. This is one fortunate little boy. He’ll have a great life full of love. And even better, we’ll be placing a second rescue lamb in the same home, so that Popeye will always have company. Two very lucky lambs, indeed!


Earlier this year my family and our animal sanctuary were targeted by a person with the reported mental illness of paranoid schizophrenia. We received hundreds of texts and messages with threats, wild accusations, abuse, demands for money, our friends were contacted, etc, etc. The police were involved and trespass orders issued. We thought it had stopped, but last week it began again, using false names. We believe it is probable that it’s the same person. The police are once again involved. If you hear or see anything published about us, please take a screen shot and let us know immediately so that we can turn it over to the police. Thank you.


August 8, 2017

I swear this little rescued lamb is grinning. Who wouldn’t enjoy living inside, being dry and warm, getting regular bottles and as much love and cuddles as he could ever want? And just look at those loooong legs on this tiny boy! It’s been very busy and I haven’t yet been able to call people who’ve expressed an interest in adopting wee Popeye. But with this rainy day, I hope I’ll get to that later today, and will be able to find the perfect home for him. 


Dan takes a break from digging the footings for the new floor of the sheep barn, to complete a much more important job: giving Barushka her massage. She soooo knows how to work him!


August 6, 2017


This newborn arrived late last night. His mother rejected him, and he was left out to die. A young girl rescued him (her parents OK’d it with the farmer), and called to ask if we would take him in. Her name is Poppy, so we named the little lamb Popeye. We hope he grows big and strong like the cartoon character! We’ve got him on colostrum every 3 hours. He had a touch and go night, but is perky this morning. With his jacket, and a heating pad, and the room heater, he’s positively toasty! Of course he’s stolen our hearts, but will be up for adoption. If you enjoy bottle feeding, let us know and you can adopt soon. Or we can feed Popeye until he’s a bit older, and then you can adopt. Contact me at


Yesterday the Auckland University Animal Rights Group came up for a working bee.  I just LOVE it when they come to help our animal sanctuary!!  They’re so wonderful, and get HEAPS done.  It’s like a swarm of busy bees, accomplishing all kinds of tasks and projects.  Thank you so much.


August 2, 2017

Two weeks ago our beloved hen Jangle disappeared. Jingle and Jangle had previously suffered neurological damage, and couldn’t walk at all when we got them. Neither could even stand up. After constant physiotherapy with Ronni, they both relearned how to walk. But their mobility was limited, and they couldn’t go far. Two weeks ago they were let out to enjoy the front yard, and Jangle disappeared. Completely. We searched everywhere for her, with lots of volunteers helping with the search. We scoured the bush, checking under forest debris in case she was caught somewhere. After a full week, we sadly accepted that she was dead, probably by a stoat or hawk. We were particularly devastated that she’d been through so much and come so far, only to be killed. Two nights ago, I was driving home in the pitch black, and saw an orange mound in my headlights. It was on the side of our long drive, a looong way from the house. It was Jangle!! I could hardly believe it. She was alive, but very thin, weak and bedraggled. She’d been out for 10 days & nights, in horrible weather and extremely cold nights. We put her on a heating pad, tube fed her, and babied her like crazy. I don’t think Ronni has been far from her side in the past 2 days, and Jangle is spending lots of time on Ronni’s lap. Where she’s been, and how on earth she found her way to the driveway, with limited mobility and poor eyesight, we’ll never know. But we’re ridiculously happy to have her back!! I’m not ashamed to admit that I prayed for her protection and return, and feel our prayers were answered. Needless to say, Jingle and Jangle will not have free range again, but will have a large contained area to enjoy the rest of their lives.