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ephrem baby


July 30, 2015

Because of our story about calves Gorgeous George and Ginger finding their lifetime home with Sally & Steve, it’s prompted another rescue calf adoption. Yipee!!! Ephrem now has a forever home with Mary-ann. Ephrem was rescued last season, and is now larger than this adorable baby photo. They grow so fast! He’s now 10 months old. Mary-ann has adopted a number of animals, and has now opened her heart to Ephrem. That makes MY heart fill with joy! One more calf will be safe, and free to live his full natural life. I know it’s only a handful saved from the 1.9 million that will be taken immediately away from their dairy cow mothers and killed this year in NZ… but I rejoice for every single life that is rescued and rehomed. I get soooo much love and affection from my huge steer Sparky, so I know exactly what these calves are capable of if given a loving home. Thank you to Starfish Bobby Calf Project for rescuing them, and thanks again to Sally, Steve, & now Mary-ann for giving them a life to look forward to. (If you want to adopt a calf and can provide a permenent slaughter free home, click this link: and then tell us about it!)

baby george


July 29, 2015

I’m beside myself with delight. Due to our story about Gorgeous George, the rescued calf I have sponsored with Starfish Bobby Calf Rescue… we’ve found a home!! A permanent, lifetime, slaughter-free home where Gorgeous George will be loved and cared for as a precious family pet. It’s really hard to find homes like this, so this feels like a minor miracle. But wait, there’s more: GG’s new home will be in Warkworth, not far from where I live. Imagine that!! Sally will be GG’s new Mum, and I get to visit him and be his Auntie. Of all the people across New Zealand, it just happened to be a truly compassionate woman in my own area who put her hand up to give Gorgeous George his furever home. But wait, there’s even more!! (See next story)



July 28, 2015

In our last rescue, there was a hen with large protruding growths on her head. Aside from looking funny (which we don’t care about), the other hens pecked at her constantly, and wouldn’t let her eat. The growths also interfered with her vision. See below for more…



As you can see in this photo, when this hen had her head down, she looked like a hammerhead shark – hence her name. Our new vet, Andrew (who is filling in for Ross while he recovers from an accident) was very positive about removing the solid growths. We originally thought they might be the result of a bird pox. But on surgery, Andrew realised they had been a series of abscesses, which solidified. He said something had clearly had this hen by the head, leaving bite marks which became infected. Hens in battery cages on large egg farms don’t get individual care, so no-one noticed or treated her injuries. See results below…



Following surgery, Hammerhead has 5 stitches on one side, and 3 on the other. Like many celebrities who’ve had a face lift, her eyes seem very wide open, as if she’s constantly surprised! But she can blink properly, so all is well. We tease Andrew for being the veterinary “plastic surgeon to the stars”, and are very grateful that he was willing to perform such a surgery. Once healed, we hope that Hammerhead will be able to be integrated back into a small flock of hens, to live a normal life. Yay!!



July 27, 2015

There are so many great stories to share with you this week! The first is an update on Hugo, the horribly neglected rabbit who had surgery to remove his hideously overgrown teeth, then almost died from a variety of complications. After a week of intensive care and lots of TLC since then from his extraordinary foster parents Dayna & Quinten, Hugo is now a normal, happy, healthy bunny again. Check out his “After” photo, taken just the other day. Unbelievable!! No long teeth sticking out like cigarettes. I visited Hugo, and watched him eat a massive meal, race and jump around, give cuddles and kisses, and act exactly like any other bunny would. He even got ‘affectionate’ with his stuffed animal, so neutering is still on the cards for September. But we want him to have a couple months of good health first. Hugo will have a daily medication for another 10 days, but even that is no drama. As soon Hugo is placed on his special Blanket, he calmly assumes the position to have his liquid medicine syringed into his mouth. He totally takes it in stride. Dayna deserves a break and I’m heading off for a wee holiday soon. I was worried about the cost of boarding Hugo, but our dear friend Kirsty has volunteered to babysit for him until I get back.
Kirsty will soon be setting up a new rabbit rescue. Their page is
Hugo is one lucky, well loved rabbit!
To see another happy bunny story, see below…

new bunny


Because of our posts about Hugo Rabbit, we received a message from Kylie, saying that although she couldn’t adopt a male rabbit, we should let her know if we ever had a female that needed a great free range home. The very next day, I received a plea about another bunny named Dixie, who was in dire straights. She was an older rabbit in a bad situation, who had been rescued. However, Dixie wasn’t accepted by the other rabbits in her rescue home, and was getting beaten up regularly. The rescuer was desperate to find a solution. Match made in heaven! We put them in touch with Kylie, and voila! Dixie (pictured) now has a wonderful free range home where she’s loved and adored. Dixie will live out her cage-free days running around a large fenced backyard, with plenty of indoor time and cuddles. All because of our post about dear Hugo. What a lovely bonus! (As mentioned many times, we NEED more rabbit sanctuaries and rescue centres, so if you’re interested, please let me know…)



July 24, 2015

You remember the pig named George that we helped rehome? (on the left in this photo, in his new home) George’s original family sent this message, which I thought you’d enjoy: “Thank u so much for your hard work and patience. I had lost all hope and would stand crying as i fed George in his horrid pen and thought how he deserved so so much better. Without your help it would not have been possible and the pic updates i got on my bday made my day! Keep up the amazing work. Thank u Shawn from the bottom of mine and my childrens’ hearts for saving George and making sure that he would never be bacon. He was like a pet dog. There’s no way we could’ve let that happen and thankyou Bunty, for giving him the life i so desperately wanted for him. You are both truly amazing angels! Thanks again from me and our family.” Isn’t that beautiful? Now we need to find a safe home for Shadow the kunekune… see our adoption page for Shadow’s story.