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little man dry


August 30, 2016

Well, I should have known it was going to happen. I got up early, gave the babies their bottles, and then hopped into the hot tub to call my mom and have a relaxing chat. I had moved the chairs away from the hot tub, so that no goats could climb up and investigate. Silly me! (continued below)…

little man wet


…But as soon as I relaxed, Little Man took a flying leap and landed in the water! He had on a fleece jacket, which immediately weighed him down. I dropped the phone in the water and scooped him out. Nothing hurt but his dignity… and mine, as I stood in the cold and towelled him dry with MY towel, then put him inside to warm up. Just like any Mum anywhere, you can’t really relax when the kids are around. Little Man and his 2 brothers still need a loving home. The only remaining female, Princess, has an injured leg and can’t be rehomed yet. Her story, later.

jan cat

DEATH DAY LOOMS FOR CATS – Thursday final day

August 28, 2016

We don’t usually do cats, but this is an urgent emergency exception. Jan has rescued cats (and chickens) in Wellsford for many many years. Now elderly and ill, her landlord has decreed that the cats & chickens must go. Jan has rehomed 14 cats, but still has 12 to go. If they haven’t found homes by Thursday, these beautiful creatures will be destroyed. Euthanised. Killed. Jan is beyond distraught, as you can imagine. All cats are desexed and recently wormed and flea treated. All cats are used to chooks and dogs. Some are a little shy about people they don’t know so will require patience. All are mainly outdoor cats and many are mousers. Jan must also rehome the chickens which are a variety of breeds and ages. Please please share, and if you can adopt or foster please Contact Jan immediately on 094314294 or 0211568342.

rainbow barn


August 23, 2016

After our huge battery hen rescue on Saturday, I popped over to the main hen barn early the next morning to let the girls out. As the very first hen ventured outside to experience grass and freedom, I realised there was a huge rainbow in the paddock. I’ve never seen one there, and – silly woman that I am – I burst into tears. It was as if the promise of new life for these hens was being confirmed. Beautiful, eh? Thanks to Sebastian, Ronya, Kayla and Karl for helping with all the “morning after mess”: cleaning the rescue travel crates, breaking down the dozens of banana boxes we’d used for transport, and helping to put the hens into their safe cubbies on Sunday night to prevent them from piling up in the corners and crushing to death. I’m so grateful that we were able to rescue these hens from their tiny cramped cages and imminent death. That rainbow was a sign to me, too, to say that we’re right to continue to do this. I know, there’s a scientific explanation for rainbows… but the promise and beauty they hold will always mean something extra to me. xoxo

hen rescue


August 21, 2016

On Saturday we held a huge battery hen rescue. You can’t imagine the amount of work involved, and the number of wonderful people who helped:
Debbie, Adrian and I took every single hen out of the cage. It’s a small door, and the hen is flapping and struggling, so it’s no easy task. It took 5 1/2 hours to remove 800 hens. But we only had 1 broken wing, which is phenomenal. We passed each individual hen to a volunteer, who carried the hen out of the barn to Angie. Angie (one of the most inspiring humans I know) inspected every single hen for health. She had playpens to separate any hens with problems: tumours, blindness, deformed beaks, broken wings, etc. Angie had volunteers lined up to foster or adopt these special needs hens, so special thanks go to Dawn, Fleur, Sarah, Veronica, Victoria!! They took 57 hens with issues. If the hen was healthy, the volunteer then put her into a carrier or box for transport. As each vehicle filled with their allotted number, they departed to transport the hens to their foster centre.
We had four foster centres, each with their own team: Heartfelt thanks go to Jules (193 hens), Kath & Bill (120 hens), Deborah L (105 hens), and Adie (30 hens… and the 3 roosters that had been in the cages for all this time with no-one noticing they weren’t hens!) The rest of the hens went to our Animal Sanctuary (292).
Our animal sanctuary drivers/barn handlers were Adie, Amanda & John, Peter & Petra, Sebastian & Ronya, Lisa, Sinead, Helene, Adrian & Debbie, and Luke & Shamayla (sp?) Mali & Tim came all that way just to help us with carrying the hens out.
Upon arrival at The Animal Sanctuary, another set of volunteers unload the hens, put them into a cooling pen, and then worm each one and clip their toenails (which grow long from standing on wire, with nothing to scratch against). These helpers were Raylene, Hartley, Matt, Dayna, Quinten, Lula, Natalia, Deb W, Gaby and Carla… and many of the drivers also stayed on to help. Dayna brought pizzas, soup and cakes. Quinten brought gloves and workgloves. Raylene brought goodies from Tart. Lisa brought dips and crackers. Sue H delivered 12 sacks of mash for the hens, and then transported 21 hens to Kaukapakapa to foster. Everyone was wonderful!! Most especially my husband, Michael, who took care of EVERYTHING at the sanctuary, organised the team, and moved the hens to their rescue barns. I left for the egg farm at 6:55 am, and arrived back with my load of hens at 5pm, so Michael took care of every detail at this end.
We worked into the night, and some volunteers stayed on until the hens were all safely divided into cubbies for the night, so that they wouldn’t pile up and crush each other. (Freedom can be a scary thing, and hens at the bottom of the pile can be crushed to death, so this is really important) Two volunteers even stayed overnight. It was humbling to have so many fabulous people all contributing to this rescue. Amazing. Uplifting. Inspiring. Thank you to every one of you. We truly couldn’t have done it without you. XOXOXO

snuggles new home


August 13, 2016

Snuggles family came to pick him up on Friday night, and it was love at first sight. Abby, her husband, mother and daughter all oohed and ahhed as soon as they met Snuggles, and I knew it was going to be a life filled with love for him. Renamed Dante, he’s the centre of the family, living in their lounge as he’s just 2 weeks old, and has made friends with the cat and dog. The cat even slept with him! I knew it was the perfect family when Abby’s husband took out his phone and asked when Dante was born. He put Dante’s birthday into his calendar! Yup, this is the PERFECT family!! I couldn’t be happier with the wonderful people who have been adopting these babies. They deserve to be loved, and I know Dante will be.

lisa baby box


Lisa was the first person to adopt kids from this rescue. She came for three, but took four. She loved them at first sight. When she got home, she sent me the first photo and a message:
“Morning Shawn & Michael, the babies are doing well they’ve stolen everyone’s heart including our dogs who are now trying to mother them. I’ve been bitten..butted..sucked. .peed and pooed on and I couldn’t be happier!!. They settled so nicely in the container by the fire that I left them there for the night. Will keep you updated.” See below for update…

lisa goats walk

KID STORY #2 – LISA’S MOB (continued)

A week and a half later, I received the second photo and a note:
“My wee babies are doing really well & keep me very busy. They are so loveable & all know their names now. The pic is of our daily walks which we do about 4 times a day. It really is quite comical.”
LOL, I’m glad to know I’m not the only person who takes baby goats in coats out for walks!!