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new shelter


November 24, 2015

We’re so grateful to the management team of MILMEQ for building this wonderful new animal duplex at our animal sanctuary. They offered to do this as a teambuilding exercise for their management retreat, and took care of everything: all the materials, the design, and the labour. Michael did concrete in the footings a few days before, to ensure whatever they built wouldn’t disappear in a storm. But the team of nine did all the work on the day, arriving at 9am and finishing it completely by 3pm. It was a dream! It even has raised floors. I used to love watching Extreme Home Makeover, and this felt a little like that. Thanks so much to Mike and the MILMEQ management team for creating a new home for more rescues. We deeply appreciate it.



Here’s another photo of some the MILMEQ team with the new animal shelter they built for us. Isn’t it wonderful? We believe that all animals should have proper warm, dry, out of the wind housing to sleep or shelter in. This totally fills the bill, and means that a paddock that previously had no shelter can now be used for emergency rescues. I’m so delighted!! It’s right next to the “Adult TreeHouse”, so perhaps we can rent it out as a B&B for additional sanctuary income!! (Just joking)

pair goats


November 22, 2015

Yesterday Luke and Brody went to their forever home with Emma and Aaron. They’ve been renamed Ronnie & Reggie, and the humans and goats are totally smitten with each other. Although I’m going to miss ‘the boys’ very very much, my heart is full of happiness to see them being so well loved. Their huge paddock is right behind the family house, so they’ll have heaps of attention and interaction – and fallen trees to climb on. They have a brand new goathouse, and 3 labradors to play with. It’s going to be a GREAT life, and I’m so grateful. They will never be tethered again, and will be free to run and leap and climb and dance. Exactly as it should be. :-)

3 babies hot tub


November 20, 2015

Our beautiful baby goats Rebel, Blooper and Greebo have gone to a wonderful new home. I know that Donna and her family will spoil them and love them just as much as we did. I had worried that we’d have to separate them, because Rebel had suffered from Joint ill as a newborn, and required an injection every morning. So can you imagine my relief when Donna asked to adopt all three, and then explained that she gave her mum an injection every day, so was perfectly fine with injecting Rebel?! Meant-to-be! Of course we miss them horribly, and our intern Crystal cried even harder than I did… but we remind ourselves that by adopting these babies to a great home, it allows us to rescue more animals to take their space. Saying goodbye is always bittersweet, and Donna was concerned about our tears. We reassured her that they were happy tears, and she reassured us that we could come to visit. Have a fabulous, happy, safe life, little darlings!!



November 19, 2015

On the same weekend last month that all the emergency goats came in, we had another urgent request: Pinky the Pig. She had been rescued when little, and now weighs over 160kg. She’s huge! But Pinky was in serious danger at her current location, where several animals had already gone ‘missing’. Her adoring family were desperate for a safe interim haven while they made longer term arrangements for her. So while we were doing all the extra emergency fencing and gates for additional pasture, we also made a place for Pinky. What a character! People seriously underestimate how intelligent these amazing animals are. Pinky was with us for a month – but I never said anything, as I’m now so security conscious. Pinky left to go to her wonderful new home on Sunday, and we’re happy that we were able to help by offering a Pig Retreat for 4 weeks. I’ll miss her!

quinten and poppy 2

THANKS – part 1

A huge thank you to everyone who came to the Animal Awareness Day fundraising event on Saturday. It was great to visit with so many like-minded people, and I got the opportunity to meet some of our Facebook Friends in person! I really enjoyed that. I particularly want to thank Danielle and the team from Gutter Kitties for organising the whole event; Avril, Nicci and Crystal for spending the entire day helping us in every way possible; and most of all, Dayna and Quinten. These are two of my dearest friends and staunchest Sanctuary Supporters. Continued below…


THANKS – part 2

Dayna (in this photo) is a fabulous cook, and she made 60 delicious chocolate crackle for us to sell. Quinten (in previous photo) borrowed a truck, and the night before the event he loaded it with over a hundred boxes of used books. The next morning he drove to the event, and single handedly unloaded all those boxes, so we could sell the books to raise funds. He spent the whole day with us, and then helped load them into the truck again, and drove them up to The Animal Sanctuary. We literally wouldn’t have had our fundraising stall without Dayna and Quinten’s support. Thanks so very much for always having our back!! And yes, as you can tell from their photos, they are doting rescue-hen parents! (PS, we still have lots of wonderful books left over, so will post them by the box next week on Trade Me!)



November 13, 2015

Yesterday we said goodbye to our beloved Lucky. I’m not supposed to have favourites, but Lucky definitely was very very close to my heart. When he first arrived over ten years ago, he was already a mature adult male. He was aggressive with everyone and everything… except me. We bonded immediately. Many people who’ve read our book are fascinated by the story of Lucky and The Animal Whisperer. After just one session with her, Lucky became gentle with everyone else, too. He remained that way for the rest of his life. Lucky lived a full natural lifespan here at The Animal Sanctuary, but in recent years was bothered by arthritis. The last few months it had become more severe, in spite of treatments. I’m brokenhearted that he’s gone – the place just won’t be the same without him – but I’m consoled because he’s no longer uncomfortable or in pain. I believe animals go to a better place when they die, the same way we do, and I’m imagining him running and prancing again like he used to. I have no doubt that when I everntually pass over, my beautiful Lucky will be there waiting. (Thank you to Eliza for this lovely photo.)