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March 25, 2017

We just received these lovely photos of Mason meeting some of the animals at the Sanctuary Supporters Picnic. They were so gorgeous I just had to share them. I love watching Romeo interacting with a teenage boy, as he used to be terrified of them. And seeing this photo of Mason with Sparky reminds me of just how big Sparky actually is. I’m so used to my “little puppy”, that sometimes I forget!

pippin double


March 24, 2017

Last week was hard. In addition to the case of Bilbo (the goat chained by the foot, who now needs amputation), we were also asked to help with another case of extreme cruelty:
This young dog, approx 5 months old, was allegedly (I have to say that, legally) used as a bait dog to train fighting dogs for gambling. She was very very thin, covered with scars and bites, crawling with a sea of fleas, and had worms. She was absolutely terrified. It appears that she’s also deaf. I can’t imagine what she went through before a kind person took her away. The Animal Sanctuary is working closely with another rescuer to bring Pippin back to health. We’ve paid for her vet treatment, and supplied a high calorie food so she can put on weight. When she’s stronger, we’ll have her speyed. The vet gave her a temperament test, and believe it or not, she’s GREAT!! He said once she’s healthy, she’ll make a great companion. Her fosterer says that in one short week, Pippin has come along in leaps and bounds. She’s putting on weight, exploring, learning that the other dogs won’t hurt her, and is good with the cats. She’s already responding beautifully to kindness and affection. It’s amazing what love can do!!

Omega Plus


A company called Omega Plus contacted us, and said they wanted to support our animal welfare work in the community. They offered to send us some of their dog and cat food to use with rescued animals. I was expecting a pretty gift basket, or perhaps a carton of food. What arrived was a truck, with a pallet of boxes! Woohoo!! Thank you so very very much, Omega Plus. You can’t imagine how excited we are, and how much good this donation will do. In fact, this will help out hugely with Pippin fromthe story above, as well as many other cats and dogs we’re assisting.

wedding 1


March 21, 2017

I know that many of you were upset with the story of Bilbo, the poor goat who was chained by his foot, and now has to have the foot amputated because it ate through to the bone. (Scroll back a couple of posts if you missed Bilbo’s story). I admit that cases like this make me despair at the cruelty of humans. So I thought I’d share a different story about GOOD people, and the rescued goats they adopted. This is Emma and Aaron at their recent wedding. The goats they adopted (2 from me, and 2 from Goat Rescue) are such a part of their family that they were in the wedding… and even got to eat the bouquet! I’m so glad Emma sent me this photo, just as I was broken hearted about Bilbo. It reminds me that there are wonderful people out there, too. We should hear today about the finalised vet plan for Bilbo’s amputation. If you’d like to donate towards his operation, go to and mention Bilbo. Thanks!!

picnic group


The event for Sanctuary Supporters on Saturday was picture perfect. The desserts were phenomenal, if I do say so myself: fresh-baked-still-hot-from-the-oven Mojito cookies; chocolate fudge; caramel chocolate slice; chocolate crackle; coconut cake with fresh strawberry jam; blueberry/strawberry muffins. Whew!! HUGE thanks to Lakakana for their cruisy, laid back music, which created a fabulous atmosphere as well as entertaining us with such a wide variety of songs. Extra thanks to Liam & Becs and Dayna & Quinten, who also brought food to share, and to Deanna & Malin for the Mojito baking. Thanks to all the Sanctuary Supporters (those who attended and those who could not) for their ongoing support of The Animal Sanctuary. We couldn’t do it without you!



March 17, 2017

Sometimes I despair. How can people be so cruel?! This poor goat was chained by his foot, right outside of a family home. The chain ate all the way into the bone, which is infected, and his foot is ruined. They walked past him daily, and did absolutely nothing. Jen Hyde from Goat Rescue & Rehoming asked if we’d help with fundraising for the vet bills if she arranged Bilbo’s rescue. Of course we said “YES!! Let’s save this beautiful boy!” Bilbo has been uplifted, and is now being fostered by a wonderful woman (aptly named Karma). He was taken immediately to a vet. It looks like the leg will have to be amputated. Bilbo is on pain meds and has a specialist vet appointment on Monday. He’ll also need to be neutered. If you’d like to help with Bilbo’s expenses for his treatment & rehabilitation, please click on this link and mention Bilbo. We’ll keep you informed of his progress. HUGE thank you to Jen and Karma for saving this poor soul. I know I shouldn’t say this, but I can’t help it: curses to the people who caused it. And yes, because I know you’ll ask: goats can cope quite well with 3 legs!



March 16, 2017

We’re getting ready for our annual “thank you” picnic with live music for our Sanctuary Supporters tomorrow… and we all have our fingers crossed for good weather! The picnic will go ahead rain or shine, as we have room inside – but it’ll sure be a lot nicer if the sun is shining. We still have a few places left, so if you’re a Sanctuary Supporter and would like to join us, please let me know asap. Arrival from 11, tour at 11:15, and live music from “Latakana” starts at noon. Event finishes at 2:30. I’m looking forward to seeing you!



March 15, 2017

The last of our 4 rescued baby bunnies was desexed, and we thought we were all done. However, the aptly named “Nibbles” promptly pulled out all of his stitches. Argh! Bunnies have a unique inguinal canal in that it’s open, and is therefore breached during neutering surgery. It must be stitched closed, or their intestines can literally fall out. Soooo, back to the vet. This time he has a staple holding it all together. Hopefully that staple is nibble-proof!