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Bartholomew the Donkey

A number of donkeys were found abandoned in a remote paddock. The grass had run out, and the donkeys starved to death. Only two, little baby Bartholomew and his mother Bethlehem, were still alive. A rescuer found them and nursed them back from death. They were rehomed and not heard of for several years. Then they were discovered with another donkey named Solomon… and unbelievably, they were horrible neglected there, too.

All 3 donkeys were rescued a second time, and finally came to live at The Animal Sanctuary on the very day we opened. They were our first residents, which is why they’re on our banner. They all lived here for their full long lives, in peace and with much much love. They were the original heart and soul of The Animal Sanctuary, and we still miss them!!

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The Animal Sanctuary is an animal refuge run by Shawn Bishop and Michael Dixon in Matakana, New Zealand. We provide a safe haven for abused and neglected animals, and care for injured or orphaned native birds. A charitable trust has been established for this purpose.

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