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Lori the Lorikeet parrot

We’ve had many many parrots at The Animal Sanctuary over the years. Although we rehome most of them, Lori the lorikeet was just too adorable to let go. He literally lived on us, spending all day on our shoulders and doing everything we did. He only went into his cage (where the door was never closed) to eat and sleep.

Lori was abandoned and brought to us, but we know he must have been with a family who had a baby. Lorikeets mimic words and sounds, and Lori often giggled and laughed exactly like a human infant. It was infectious, and always made us smile. Thank goodness he never learned to copy a baby screaming!!

Lori played constantly, making up games that we all learned from him. He also invented words for things he wanted, like water. Not mimicking a human word, but inventing a word of his own and using it consistently to tell us what he wanted. We’ve had other lorikeets since his passing, but Lori holds a special place in our hearts.

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The Animal Sanctuary is an animal refuge run by Shawn Bishop and Michael Dixon in Matakana, New Zealand. We provide a safe haven for abused and neglected animals, and care for injured or orphaned native birds. A charitable trust has been established for this purpose.

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