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Romeo the Miniature Horse

After years of mistreatment, Romeo the miniature horse was rescued and came to us. While trapped and unable to run away, Romeo had been repeatedly abused by the teen sons of his previous owner. So he was naturally terrified of men and boys, but OK with women. That’s how he got his name, Romeo. Due to the abuse, he refused to go into a barn or stable, as he was afraid of being trapped again. He’d stay outside in even the worst weather, when all the other animals ran for the stables.

It took a really long time, but now Romeo knows that he’s safe, and happily runs into the stalls for his dinner. Although he’s a miniature horse, he has the heart of a Clydesdale! He loved the donkeys, and is now best friends with another miniature named Teddy. Teddy is even smaller, so Romeo finally gets to be the “biggest horse”. He enjoys his life of peace, and will even walk up to meet men and boys these days.

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The Animal Sanctuary is an animal refuge run by Shawn Bishop and Michael Dixon in Matakana, New Zealand. We provide a safe haven for abused and neglected animals, and care for injured or orphaned native birds. A charitable trust has been established for this purpose.

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